Swarm v2.2

1.       V2.0:
This is my swarm screensaver. I wrote the first version sometimes in 1996 for windowsNT. It did not look very impressive as I did not know a good parameter set. I remember a colleague, who in 1998 played around with this screensaver and really enjoyed it. He found a very impressive parameter set. In this new version I cleaned up the code a bit. And I used a faster system call, which draws all the bees with a single system call.

2.       V2.1
I found some bug which caused that multiple steps for one display were calculated but only one step was shown. This slowed down the simulation by number_of_steps.
I also changed that now the SSE2 CPUs are exploited they allow 4 operations to be performed at once. This gave some incredible speedup. Soon also to be available for the CTaylor library.

3.       V2.2
Introduced the notion of Gaussian distribution of the force accelerating the chasing bees to make them vary more. Also the runtime installation executables are now a separate download. The zip file contains both, the 64bit version and the obsolete 32bit version (Im using 64bit Windows since 2006!).

Old help file

1996 version for WindowsNT

Zip file with both versions

64bit runtime .dll installation

32bit runtime .dll installation